Montepulciano and beyond

Welcome to the rich history of Gattavecchi, where we seamlessly blend time-honored winemaking traditions with the essence of Tuscany’s illustrious viticultural heritage. Situated in the heart of this storied region, our winery has been meticulously tended for generations, resulting in wines that authentically capture the character and terroir unique to each varietal we produce.

As stewards of a legacy spanning decades, we take great pride in crafting wines that harmoniously marry innovation with a deep reverence for tradition. Our unwavering commitment to quality commences in the vineyards, where the distinctive climate and soil conditions contribute to the individual flavors that distinguish each of our wines.

Explore our historical production zones to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship inherent in every bottle of Gattavecchi. From the ancient cellars resonating with centuries of winemaking history to the carefully tended vineyards spanning the landscape, every facet of our production is a testament to our dedication to creating wines of great quality.

Join us on this captivating journey through time and terroir, as we extend an invitation to savor the fruits of our labor – Gattavecchi, a genuine expression of Montepulciano’s winemaking legacy.

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